Introducing Australia’s first sparkling mead. BEE Mead is fresh & easy to drink, with surprising structure & floral characteristics provided by a wine-maker’s touch. It’s a honey beverage made for the modern day God & Goddess.


Deemed ‘Nectar of the Gods’,
Mead is oldest beverage
known to man.

From a time where myth & legend ruled, Mead lays claim to being civilisation’s first venture into the world of alcoholic beverages. Drink of choice during the reign of Ancient Greece, the experience of sipping Mead was believed to have been an enlightening one, giving scholar- & poet-like characteristics to whoever lips it touched.

The history of Mead dates back at least 20,000 years and has its origins on the African continent. During the dry season feral bees, with legs covered in wild yeasts, would build hives in hollows of Baobab trees, where the elephant had broken branches. During the wet season the hollows would fill with water and dilute the honey to a level that the wild yeast could ferment the honey/water solution into mead.

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Queen of the Meads

Offering all the goodness of six teaspoons of honey per litre, this sparkling mead is crafted by fermenting a blend of Manuka & Australian Clover honey with pure High Country spring water.

Delicate honey and floral aromas perfectly balanced with medium honey sweetness and fine sparkles on the palate with a dry, citrus-like finish.

Mead of miracles

A blend of Manuka and Australian Clover honey is fermented with pure High Country spring water. Natural flavours are infused using Buderim Ginger and Tasmanian Ginseng – a combination long recognised for its miraculous healing properties.

A rich ginger and ginseng aroma on the nose, fresh herbaceous character on the palate, and a lingering honey sweetness combined with fine sparkles.

Mead of native wisdom

A blend of Manuka and Australian Clover honey is fermented with pure High Country spring water. Natural spice and citrus flavours are infused using cinnamon, nutmeg and orange peel.

Rich cinnamon provides a fine tea-like tannin structure; combined with lingering honey sweetness on the palate, fine sparkles and a dry finish.

A refreshing brew for the festive season – with honey and spice and all things nice, it tastes like Christmas!

BEE Mead is crafted true to the natural processes from where it came, with a pure blend of Australian Clover Honey and New Zealand Manuka Honey, sourced from local bee-loving apiaries.


Perfect balance.

This honey is fermented for five weeks with wild yeasts and pure water from a natural sandstone spring running 30 metres beneath our Meadery. Additional honey is added after fermentation for natural sweetness and depth of flavour. The final product contains all the natural health-giving benefits of six teaspoons of honey per 500ml bottle.

Surprisingly delicate flavours, rich aromas & medium-to-dry sweetness make BEE Mead a perfectly balanced beverage, great for any season or occasion.

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BEE Mead is crafted in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales by the Balog family, who are also the makers of award-winning Artemis Wines and Sunshack Cider. Sunshack Cider is a sister brand to BEE Mead, sharing quality craftsmanship and signature design and branding.


BEE Mead
is available at BWS
& Dan Murphy’s



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